of the skills I have developed and professionally applied, I summed here some things I think are worth mentioning.

Film and Video field work

  • Steadicam Operator Feature film industry and TV work. I have all the gear for heavy film-rigs at my personal disposal. This includes rigs for car and boat.
  • Director Of Photography Full film camera rig, lenses, grip and additional gear to my pursonal disposal.
  • Camera Operator Corperate movies, Multicam productions, Conferences.
  • Director Drama and corperate movies>
    Switching Multicam productions.
  • Sound recordist and boom operator, I have all this equipment at my personal disposal.
  • Equipment Manager supplier and handling cam gear, grip & lighting
  • Data Handler
  • 1st AD
  • Focus Puller


  • PowerPoint Programming
  • Projectionist Digital projectors, data distribution.
  • Design and programming AV control equipment Extron, and MVI conference systems
  • Showdesigner 3D simulator programming
  • Perfectionist for the good sake though...

Pre and Post Film Production

  • Scripting
  • Copywrite assistance
  • Video Editing Fully equipped studio for up to 4K movie productions at my personal disposal.
  • Mastering Coloring, Grading DCP creating.
  • Audio Editing and Mastering.
  • Sound design.

Audio Technique

  • Live Audio Mixing Orchestra's in both Classical and Pop music. Theatre productions, live broadcasts
  • Audio studio engineering. Recording (analog & digital) mixing, mastering
  • Audio system design Digital networks, Loudspeaker array's


  • Consultance and Advising on AV-related projects. System design and equipment investments.
  • Coaching and Teaching